Fürsorge anstatt Leistungsdruck

Academia in the time of Covid-19: Our chance to develop an ethics of care

The pandemic has arrived amidst a growing call for engaged scholars to resist the neoliberalization of universities and advocating for a “feminist” academia. We have been persuaded by the argument that academic praxis should value wellbeing and care over performance and productivity together with solidarity and pluralism over individualism and imposed norms and practices. Our passion as scientists and teachers often make us ignore the high costs of pursuing “excellence”, or at least the excellence defined by our evaluators and funders.


Wissenschaftler*innen auf der ganzen Welt fordern eine Kultur der Fürsorgen anstatt neoliberalem Leistungsdruck. Was das genau bedeutet und wieso das so wichtig ist erfahrt ihr hier: http://www.laseg.cat/en/news/22/academia-in-the-time-of-covid-19-our-chance-to-develop-an-ethics-of-care

Wissenschaftler*innen können diese Forderungen des “Global Manifesto on Academic Praxis during and after Covid-19” hier unterschreiben https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QXGxjVMzBBfCvdG2WoeqDwg-rCcJsEFN_Rxs373a5KA/edit.